• Wellue O2 Ring wearable Oxygen monitor for wellness use
  • Wellue O2 Ring wearable Oxygen monitor for wellness use
  • Wellue O2 Ring wearable Oxygen monitor for wellness use
  • Wellue O2 Ring wearable Oxygen monitor for wellness use

Wellue O2 Ring wearable Oxygen monitor for wellness use



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Anti Orom RING.. pataas sa kinabuhi
-mo vibrate kong dugay or dili ka kaginhawa while natulog ka hangtud makamata ka.
-mo vibrate pukawon ka kong moaction og low or moabnormal imong heart rate while natulog ka kay ge orom ka waka kalihok or cge ka sinngit sa damgo unya murag way nkadungog nimo.
-mo alert kong padung ka maataki kasing2x so makabantay ka.
Palit na kong giampingan nimo Imong life while nagkatulog ka kay pukawon ka niya..

Product details of Wellue O2 Ring Oxygen

  • Wellue O2Ring Features● Overnight Tracking: Track your oxygen levels, heart rate, and even body movements every second, continuously. Oxygen Level Range: 70–99 percent. Pulse Rate Range: 30–250 BPM.● Silent Vibration Alarm: When low oxygen levels and abnormal heart rate is detected, the O2 ring has a built-in silent vibrator to wake you up but not your partner. The vibration intensity and threshold can also be adjusted to your preference and needs.● Free Monitoring Software & Apps:For full reporting and sleep trend analysis of your heart rate and oxygen saturation, you also have access to free Windows (7/8/10 OS) and macOS(version 10.15.3 or above) software and Android/iOS app (Android 5.0 or above; iOS 9.0 or above; iPad 3/iPhone 4s or above).● Detailed & Smart Reporting:It provides you a detailed trend chart with a 4-second interval. Very detailed reporting, it tells you how long your oxygen falls below 90 percent and how many times your O2 drops over 4 percent for the whole night. With the high-resolution chart, you can zoom in and out to see more detailed information and even the exact values when it happens.● Export Professional Report: With the free monitoring app and software, you can print and/or export or share CSV/PDF analysis reports with your doctor.● Built-in Memory: The small device can also work standalone, monitoring, tracking, and storing data on the device without being connected to the app or software. The ring can store at least 4 sleep sessions, each lasting at least 10 hours, with all of your data syncing to your smartphone or PC once connected.● Rechargeable: Of course, it is rechargeable. Its battery can monitor and track your sleep for up to 12–16 hours. One charge equals to 2 nights of monitoring.● FDA Listed and Approved: the Wellue O2Ring is FDA-registered and is classified as a Class II medical device.What Makes The Wellue O2Ring CapableThe O2Rign offers the best wearable experience without the oppression and awkward fitting of the traditional duckbill sensors.✔ Never slips from your finger✔ Finger can move freely✔ Feels like wearing nothing✔ Don’t make your finger feel numb✔ Sleek and lightweight design✔ Comfortable silicone design✔ Fits different finger sizes without oppression✔ Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Wireless Connectivity✔ 1-Year Warranty + Lifetime Technical SupportEasy-Peasy MonitoringUsing the Wellue O2Ring is as easy as 1, 2, 3:Wear the O2Ring: Go to work or sleep. No need to work with your phone or PC.


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